Genie Mack Houston Artist

Genie Mack, a native Houstonian, loves to express herself through art and jewelry design. After graduating from TCU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art, she went on to teach at a private Christian school before taking the leap of faith and starting her own business.

Genie Mack’s art reflects two of her greatest loves: animals and jewelry. Her cheerful upbeat personality is evident in both her paintings style and her jewelry design.

“I am fascinated by the connection between people and their pets and explore that with my artwork. Each animal has an imaginative personality for me to interpret from brush to canvas. My favorite part of the whole process is hearing the reaction to the painting. Though I work primarily from photos, realism is not something I’m trying to achieve. I love to use colors that are bright and happy and I try to capture what it is that people love about their pets.“

Much like her paintings, Mack’s 2016 collection of handcrafted jewelry demonstrates her enthusiastic creativity.   Making a few pieces of jewelry primarily for her friends quickly led to a demand for Mack’s fresh perspective and diverse style. The Genie Mack line is designed in her Houston studio and includes many different textures found in semi-precious gemstones, antlers, shells, gold pendants, and leather. She draws inspiration from the creative, talented and fashionable women in her family and friends.

“I hope that my art and jewelry brings joy to those who give and receive it.”


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